Why Zummo Juice Machines?


The Zummo automatic juicers for the food service and Retail line are global references in their sectors, because they incorporate a series of features that make them unique"

The Zummo Nature juicers have the exclusive Zummo Efficient Vertical System (EVS) Advanced juice extraction system. With the EVS, the fruit drops from the basket to the cup and it is cut vertically. Thus, the resulting juice never enters into contact with the peel, and the distance to the disposable cup is as short as possible. Thus, waste is reduced to 0 and the juice obtained has the purest flavour possible.

Better Quality Juice   

Free of oils and acidity.

Higher yield

10% to 20% More Juice.

Clean Juice

Directly into the glass, no contact with fruit or moving parts.

Closed chamber

No access to external contaminants.



— More autonomy. Lower Labor and operational benefits. Multitask employees.

— More satisfied customers. The juice gets to the glass with the most natural and pure flavor possible.

— Increased profitability: The automatic filter always remains clean, without accumulated pulp, so Minimum waste is generated when going through it.